The Pony Club is full at this time.

We would be happy to put you on a waist list, however. Please email us at or Kim at

The Pony Club meets twice a month. Group A & C meet on Thursdays and Group B & D meet on Saturdays.

Each session is 2 hours.

All Groups learn the same thing. We are offering different days and times to accommodate as many students as possible.

Each group consists of 5 students. This is hands-on learning with a horse assigned to each student.

Helmets are provided. Boots are required.

Sign-ups are first come first serve for days available. If necessary, we will add more class times.

At the first session, forms, waivers, and agreements must be signed by parent/guardian before participation in program. 

For more information please contact Kim Johnson at 928.800.9186 or


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