The Boyd Ranch was acquired through a generous donation from Alex and Jane Boyd in 2004.  Alex and Jane felt there was a need to preserve this beautiful piece of property which Alex called “a gem in the middle of the desert”. The Boyds wanted to make the ranch a resource for the Wickenburg community.  The ranch consists of 160 acres with the Hassayampa River running through it and is surrounded by public lands.  The ranch is owned by the Desert Caballeros Western Museum and is managed by the Boyd Ranch Committee.  This committee of volunteers has been instrumental in preserving and improving the ranch in hopes of extending the educational and recreational opportunities for others to enjoy for many years to come.




Visitors to the Boyd Ranch have a unique opportunity to fully explore the quiet mystery and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Rich with exceptional flora found nowhere else in the world and resplendent with artifacts from previous inhabitants, the Sonoran Desert offers visitors exceptional outings into the formerly “wild southwest.” The desert guards the remains of Native American artifacts, 19th and 20th century miners, and hardy settlers.  Hike or ride into the Hassayampa Wilderness from the Boyd Ranch for a trip into a world of quiet, rugged beauty. Staggering vistas, clear streams, and wildlife are close at hand.