Land of the Sun Endurance Ride | Feb 26

50 Mile Ride: The 50 mile ride will consist of 3 loops all of which return back to the Boyd Ranch. Riders will ride Red Ledge (~17 miles) and return to BR for a trot by (possibly a pulse down) and continue onto the second loop Crockett Saguaro (~12 miles) where there will be a 1 hour hold at base camp after the loop is finished. After the 1 hour hold riders will ride the 3rd loop Sand Hill (~19 miles). There are 12 hours allowed for completion of the 50 mile ride, including vet checks per AERC rules. As in all 50 mile rides an average speed of 4.5 miles per hour is needed to complete the course in the allotted 12 hrs. In the past without a ridged cut-off time riders have been lost in the desert in the dark. This situation is extremely stressful for the ride staff and the volunteers. However, by starting the race at the civil twilight 06:30 there will be a generous cut-off time at 3:15 pm for completing the last loop. The ride pace for the last loop should be ~ 5 miles per hour in order to complete the last loop within the 12 hour time allowed. This will be discussed further at the ride meeting.  Additionally, the setting of judging parameters, including but not limited to pulse rate and respiration, shall be determined by the control judge per AERC rules

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